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Re: Ideas
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:28:56 pm »
Instead of having 2 guns, you should have to put in 1 gun and the upgrades are from chips that you have to craft. I think all stats should be able to get modified but some will have a certain amount like 5 upgrades able for damage, 2 for drops, and ect.

No, you'll put in one gun, and it saves the stats from that gun into the machine, then you put in another one, and you can change some of the stats.

I like your original idea (and it was something I've been planning for a while) but I can't stick to it 100%
You'll have to keep in mind that there's about ~50K other people who use this mod, and every single one of them has a different opinion, so I have to find that thin line that makes everyone "not mad" (Because there is no way I can make everyone happy).

Also it has to stay a bit balanced, if you (for example) could change the ammo, you can create a dubstep gun with the power of the sun, while using a block of redstone for 250 shots, that would be unfair.

You win but 250 shots? The max should be 100. Your idea is ok but really, who can spend that much diamonds? I play Attack of the B-Team but some don't so they don't have a lot of diamonds (Unless they get some other mods like Orespawn). I am good at getting the ideas but not as good at balancing unless I get to use the gun.